Arduino Projects

Arduino is one of the most exciting embedded development board evolved from the open source community to learn  and build arduino projects for hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts. It is the best resource for making DIY projects and Prototypes.

The Arduino makes use of different Microprocessors and on-chip microcontrollers to design devices that interact with the sensors and actuators.

The most popular variants of Arduino are Arduino UNO, Arduino YUN, Arduino LEONARDO, Arduino NANO, Arduino MEGA.

Arduino comes with prebuilt shields for ease of interfacing various add-on modules like GSM/GPRS shield, Ethernet shield, USB shield, and Wireless shield for IOT projects.

Articles Written 97

Micro Mouse Wiggler – DIY

Finding your computer asleep when you come back from your tea break might be annoying but what’s even more frustrating is when doing long software installs where screen lock and/or sleep mode may be enforced […]

Residential Electronic Pest Deterrent

There’re many residential electronic pest deterrent circuits on the web, and with some research, you will be able to build one yourself for your pest situation. The most practical and cheerful residential pest deterrent solution […]

Arduino Larson Scanner

This is the simple way to play with a Larson Scanner. Just buy a Larson Scanner kit like the one shown above and start up the system. This quite popular open-source hardware 9-LED Larson Scanner […]

Arduino Artificial Fire Lamp

Artificial fire lamps nowadays are quite easy to buy. Usually, such a fire lamp has a special inbuilt flickering light-emitting diode to create the fire/flame effect. Anyway, I don’t want to buy cheap and possibly […]

Tiny USB Windows® Key

In this post, you can see a tiny, yet quite useful, microcontroller-based USB key/Foot Pedal for Windows™ computers as a little do-it-yourself project. It is particularly geared as single function key, but other usages are […]