Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is explained how Codrey Electronics collect, maintain and preserve the information from the users like you. To use our service you must agree to Terms of use. If you deny agreeing, discontinue using our service.

Why use Privacy Policy?

Privacy policy gives confidence to both website owner and the user. It also commits website experience to support the user in a better way.

To effectively request and respond to the customers to their queries and comments.

What type of data do we collect from Users?

Visitors who come to our site must provide the following information to use the website services and resources effectively.

  • Register or subscribe to our website to use services.
  • The personal information comprises the First name and Last name and E-mail address.
  • Apart from the personal data, we collect system information including  Browser, Operating System and Internet Service Provider (ISP) details.

How do we secure your information?

We take appropriate measures to prevent information from unauthorized access, usage and damage by storing your information on highly secured web servers.

Do we use your personal information?

No, we do not share your information with other users. But we may provide it to trusted third parties that are complying the law, and be protecting the rights of us and you.

Web Cookies and Web Beacons

Web Cookies or Internet Cookies are files that are created when you visit the website. A cookie file contains two things. Name of the website and Unique User ID. When you enter a website for the first time a cookie is downloaded into your Personal Computer. When you visit the same website for next time your browser will remember you and sends that cookie to the server.

You can disable the cookies in the web browser (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) but it may cause improper functioning of the website.

Web Beacons are images that monitor the activity of a website. Third party advertisers such as Google use Google Adsense program for displaying ads on Codrey Electronics.

How do we use Cookies for tracking data and display Advertisements?

Yes, we utilize cookies for a user friendly experience. This Website stores data automatically in your hard disk so that it shows the proper advertisements to the visitors which is provided by Google Analytics and Adsense.

Google uses Double DART cookie for a user friendly experience. It stores data automatically on your computer so that it shows the proper content by displaying advertisements provided by Google.

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