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LM336Z-5 Quick Refresher

There are times when it’s astounding to be able to make a programmable shunt regulator, perhaps using obsolete components from your junk box. Recently, I used a modest little circuit to do that thing; the […]

Raspberry Pi Pico & Arduino IDE

The Raspberry Pi Pico is a feature-rich microcontroller! Its low cost and wide availability make it a great microcontroller for our everyday electronics projects. Python and C/C++ are lovely for programming the Raspberry Pi Pico […]

Automatic LED Night-Light Teardown

I bought a cheapo Chinese automatic LED nightlight a while ago. Working on this “automatic color changing night lamp” is pretty simple. A photoresistor (LDR) turns the LEDs on when it sees darkness and off […]

Selfie Stick & Little Secrets!

Selfie Stick is a common smartphone accessory nowadays! The word “selfie” first appeared in an online forum in 2002, and in 2013 it was named the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year, defined as “A […]

Matchbox Magic Lamp v1

This post is about the construction of a multi-colored matchbox-sized magic lamp for kids using a simple and cheap microcontroller board. The most interesting thing about this build is that it does not require any […]