Variable Zener Diode DIY

A zener diode is often used as a simple voltage reference device. This post looks at how to create a variable (or adjustable) zener diode. Apparently, you can purchase the long-familiar programmable precision voltage reference […]

Lighted Cone Marker

I recently received a request to share some simplest ideas for converting regular cone markers to lighted cone markers. So, this post explains an idea to make your own lighted cone markers using a handful […]

Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor Arduino

So, here is another easy-to-build ultrasonic proximity sensor based on Arduino to detect objects made from various materials regardless of their shape, colour, or surface contour. Thanks, it operates using high-frequency sound waves that are […]

MH-SR602 PIR Motion Sensor Guide

A passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor allows you to sense motion, almost always used to detect whether a human has moved in or out of its range. For many do-it-yourself projects or devices that need […]

Glowing LED Eyes & Jawa Doll

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned crafter, crafting is a great way to get creative and pass the time. It is even better when you can incorporate some electronics. So in this post, […]

Phototransistor Secrets PT334-6C

In this post, you will get acquainted with a pretty popular budget phototransistor PT334-6C which is in fact a high-speed and highly sensitive silicon NPN epitaxial planar phototransistor available in a standard 5mm LED package. […]

Quick Logic-Level MOSFET Tester

There is no doubt that nowadays we are seeing more logic-level MOSFETs being used in microcontroller-based hobby electronics circuits and projects. So this week’s little post is about building a quick go/no-go tester for the […]

Mini Alarm Loop v1

Mini Alarm Loop is a simple battery-powered security device to secure worthful goods outside of your home or office, such as bicycles, garden tools, furniture, etc. It sets off a sharp warning signal if severed […]