Toy/Hobby DC Motor Fun

Toy DC Motors, also known as Hobby DC Motors, can be a good choice for low-budget or pocket-friendly basic electronics projects. They are very rugged, easy to use, and generally available with a wide range […]

Another Junk Box Solar LED Candle

Solar powered novelty items such as an electronic candle have become very inexpensive and common place. Looking from the outside, it consists of a small solar panel to harvest power from daylight and some sort […]

Water Activated LED Marker

The water activated LED marker is a great scuba diving or night diving accessory. Its bright marker light turns on when its sensor probes come into contact with water and turns off when the probes […]

A Makeshift Silicon Diode Temperature Sensor

We all know that a reverse biased silicon diode can be used as a make-do temperature sensor ( But let me remind you again, a silicon diode, when reverse biased, will introduce a certain leakage […]

Emitter Follower – A Quick Look

So, I am revisiting emitter follower this moment and sharing my dusted thoughts on it. I hope this post helps someone one way or another! This article mainly looks at an emitter-follower (also known as […]

The LED Photodiode Trick

As I mentioned and proved in an earlier write up, a regular light emitting diode can also be used as a light sensor ( So, this is a post that goes into a bit more […]