Shunt Resistor Secrets

Although there are many dedicated sensors and sensor modules to measure current, this post describes the more orthodox method using a shunt resistor! A shunt resistor is a power resistor with very low resistance especially […]

Soft Latch Switch – A Quick Refresher

For today’s post, I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could create a reliable soft latching switch mechanism using a handful of electronic components lying around… First of all, note […]

LM35 Revisited – STEM Edition!

Still, a google search for a commonly available temperature sensor to connect to a microcontroller quickly brings up the LM35. And, copy-paste of a little bit of clichéd code uploaded to the intended microcontroller makes […]

DC-DC Boost Converter Primer

Today, let us have a quick look at the task of boosting dc voltages. It is perhaps worth noting that every other consumer electronic gadget on the market performs some form of voltage conversions imply […]

Compact Police Siren – An Inside Look

When designing a security system, often we need to add a siren circuitry with it. Fortunately, there are many analog and digital electronics ways to accomplish that chore. However, these days, we can also use […]