Doorbell Sensor IoT Module (v1)

In this post, I will attempt to share the design idea of a doorbell sensor that can be build using just a handful of inexpensive and easily available electronics components. When cleverly integrated into your […]

4V SLA Battery Charger

Pretty little 4V Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) or Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries are widely used in portable electronic gadgets such as mosquito bats, kitchen scales, healthcare instruments, etc. The most common 4V SLA rechargeable […]

Window Comparator Revisited

Circuit configuration of a Window Comparator usually consists of a pair of inverting and non-inverting voltage comparators in which the output indicates whether an input signal is within a voltage range defined by two different […]

Decade Resistance Box & A Cheap Substitute

The decade resistance box is an indispensable test gear for any electronics lab as it can be used to substitute different values of resistors during prototyping and/or experimenting with electronic circuits. Using it is easy […]