Switch Debouncer – Hardware Guide

While testing some cheapo crash sensor modules recently, I was quite disappointed with the noisy and dirty output signals they provided. So, I got into the thoughts of restyling hardware debounce circuits suitable for contacts, […]

Poor man’s Luxury Car Dome Light

If you often drive early in the morning or at night, you spend most of your time in a dark vehicle, and at that time a small interior/dome/cabin light becomes an indispensable widget if you […]

An Eternal LED Scarecrow

Recently, I wanted to try an electronic scarecrow in my lab window to scare off some birds (often nocturnal) that make a lot of noise and dirt. Although there are many options for building one, […]

Learn To Play with Ceramic Resonators

As Wikipedia says, a ceramic resonator is an electronic component consisting of a piece of a piezoelectric ceramic material with two or three metal electrodes attached. Like the similar quartz crystal, when connected in an […]