BBC micro:bit Dark-Activated LED Badge

As promised, here is another fun BBC micro:bit project for your lovely kids. This time, get ready to make a dark-activated LED badge for them and enjoy! By now hopefully you have already gone through […]

Safe Car Power Socket v1

Now get ready to make your own safe car power socket using inexpensive components that are generally available. The simple device can then be used as a safe accessory power outlet to extend the 12VDC […]

Improved Door Security Monitor Switch

Nowadays, there are various types of switches available to help you track whether your door is open or closed. Such a door status monitor switch changes its states when the door is opened or closed. […]

Poor man’s Transistor Beta (hFE) Tester

The hFE socket on most cheap digital multimeters provides a dc gain value (often simply pointed as β) useful for evaluating small signal silicon transistors. However, only a few multimeters with the quick NPN/PNP transistor […]

A Hyper LED Switch

This post explains how to build a Hyper LED Switch using a set of simple and inexpensive electronics components that are available everywhere, you can even find them in your junk box. So, what is […]

Poor man’s 500kHz Oscillator

This post demonstrates an example of a cheap ceramic resonator based 500kHz oscillator. You can consider this a more practical version of my previous post on this topic Learn To Play with Ceramic Resonators The […]