Electronic Chirping Cricket – STEM DIY

The Chirping Cricket presented here creates electronic cricket chirping sounds that can be used for recreational purposes or to simulate warm summer nights. It is actually a continuation of a previously published similar do-it-yourself fun […]

Another Fun Kids Noise Bomb

Fear not, the cool noise bomb featured here cannot be used to send someone into the air. But if you just want to scare your friends (or someone at a friendly gathering), this little toy […]

LED Ice Cube DIY

Like many other Chinese funny gadgets, liquid-activated light up ice cubes are now flooding our markets. We can easily buy many of them for a few bucks, but what about making similar beautiful cubes ourselves? […]

Little LED Marker Light DIY

Inspired by some commercial automotive side marker lights, I recently built a general purpose 3-LED flashing marker light. It can be used as an attention light in and around your home, especially at night. So, […]

Steady Hand Game – STEM

Steady Hand Game, also known as Buzz Wire Loop Game is a tabletop game which involves guiding a metal ring (the wand) along a serpentine length of bare wire (the loop) without touching the wand […]

Simple Arduino Psychedelic Lamp

The biggest attraction in most discotheques is the colourful strobe lights which are often synchronised to the rocking music. Another interesting gimmick is the psychedelic light system which enlivens things up a bit by flashing […]

Qi Wireless Chargers & Funny LED Toys

I have been experimenting with wireless charging for a few years now, including building some fun projects with readymade Qi wireless chargers and wireless charging modules! I think you also know that it is pretty […]

Multipurpose LED Flashlight Teardown

So here is an out-of-warranty Pigeon Multipurpose LED Flashlight that just suddenly stopped working so I figured why not take a crack at it. I bought it on discount sale from an Indian online store […]