Window Comparator Revisited

Circuit configuration of a Window Comparator usually consists of a pair of inverting and non-inverting voltage comparators in which the output indicates whether an input signal is within a voltage range defined by two different […]

Decade Resistance Box & A Cheap Substitute

The decade resistance box is an indispensable test gear for any electronics lab as it can be used to substitute different values of resistors during prototyping and/or experimenting with electronic circuits. Using it is easy […]

BEMF and DC Motor Speed Governors

Do you know? You can govern the speed of brushed DC motors without any additional sensors, but using a basic characteristic – the speed-dependent back EMF (BEMF) voltage! The BEMF motion control technique has been […]

An Arduino Long Event Timer

A common application for electronic timers is to turn electrical devices on/off until a predetermined time, a task that can easily be implemented with ubiquitous microcontrollers like the Arduino! Usually that time period starts from […]