Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi Pico W Quick Starter

Raspberry Pi Pico W is another Raspberry Pi Pico but features Wi-Fi letting you to connect the device to a Wi-Fi network. In this quick starter post, you will learn how to start with a […]

Raspberry Pi Pico & Arduino IDE

The Raspberry Pi Pico is a feature-rich microcontroller! Its low cost and wide availability make it a great microcontroller for our everyday electronics projects. Python and C/C++ are lovely for programming the Raspberry Pi Pico […]

Raspberry Pi Pico RGB LED Orb Light

I made this as a Christmas present last year. This is a small color-changing RGB LED orb light controlled by Raspberry Pi Pico. I got the inspiration for this project from the Chinese-made USB-rechargeable color-changing […]

Raspberry Pi Pico & Sweeping Servo

A servo motor is a compact motor whose shaft turns to position something based on a control signal. The common servo motor consists of plastic housing that contains a small motor, control circuitry, and a […]