Tricolor LED Signal Baton

An LED signal baton (also called marshalling torch) is a proven gadget to head traffic. Primarily it is widely used by traffic police, attendants etc. to channelize traffic but it is a great handy aid […]

Universal Pulse Extender Module

On certain occasions it is necessary to use a sensor module that generates a relatively short pulse to indicate a change of status. If the duration of its output signal is too short, the associated […]

Raspberry Pi Pico W Quick Starter

Raspberry Pi Pico W is another Raspberry Pi Pico but features Wi-Fi letting you to connect the device to a Wi-Fi network. In this quick starter post, you will learn how to start with a […]

Universal RADAR Motion Detector

There are a lot of different parts in the electronics world, and often parts with the same functionality come indifferent forms and sizes. Now it is the time to pick another cheapo microwave motion sensor […]

NCV Tester Secrets

A non-contact voltage tester (NCV Tester) makes electrical work easier and safer – and for a few bucks you can own it from your nearest home improvement center. The NCV tester is a simplest and […]