BYO Muddy Water Detector

The goal of this little post is to share an idea to build your own robust mud water detector using readily available inexpensive electronics components. Although unintentional, the sensor component in this design concept is […]

Chinese USB LED Lamp Quick Review & Teardown

I recently picked up a bunch of minuscule Chinese USB LED Lamps. You’ve seen these amazing gizmos before, I’m sure, under a variety of names in places ranging from local street merchants to online electronics […]

Webcam Servo Sweep (v1)

A few weeks ago, while working on another project, someone asked me to build a simple sweeping system for a tiny webcam. I set it aside for the next day and built a webcam servo […]

Resettable PTC (PPTC) Fuse Basics

This post is a quick introduction to resettable PTCs (PPTCs). A polymeric positive temperature coefficient device (PPTC) is a passive electronic component used to protect against overcurrent faults in electronic circuits. Simply put, a PPTC […]

L9110 Fan Motor Module – Quick Look!

The most popular, cheap fan motor module that’s available on Chinese webstores is the L9110 Fan Motor Module. At some webstores you can see this module is listed as a “Fan Module with Propeller and […]