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BYO Muddy Water Detector

The goal of this little post is to share an idea to build your own robust mud water detector using readily available inexpensive electronics components. Although unintentional, the sensor component in this design concept is […]

Matchbox Magic Lamp v1

This post is about the construction of a multi-colored matchbox-sized magic lamp for kids using a simple and cheap microcontroller board. The most interesting thing about this build is that it does not require any […]

Crazy Bomb Timer

In this post, you will find the construction details of a crazy bomb timer that can be built with the help of a handful of common electronics components available everywhere. Well, get ready to entertain […]

LED Tap Light/Stick Touch Lamp Mod

This little post is about modifying a standard LED Tap Light/Stick Touch Light to run on the Arduino platform with additional features. Okay, let’s get started! Tap Light? So, what’s a Tap Light? Simply, the […]