Arduino Projects

Arduino is one of the most exciting embedded development board evolved from the open source community to learn  and build arduino projects for hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts. It is the best resource for making DIY projects and Prototypes.

The Arduino makes use of different Microprocessors and on-chip microcontrollers to design devices that interact with the sensors and actuators.

The most popular variants of Arduino are Arduino UNO, Arduino YUN, Arduino LEONARDO, Arduino NANO, Arduino MEGA.

Arduino comes with prebuilt shields for ease of interfacing various add-on modules like GSM/GPRS shield, Ethernet shield, USB shield, and Wireless shield for IOT projects.

Articles Written 97

Arduino Multimode LED Tent Light

Nowadays portable LED tent lights can be purchased cheaply to provide ample lighting while hiking and camping overnight. Then it is only a simple matter of connecting the tent light to a mighty battery pack […]

Arduino Automatic Wake & Halt Switch

Nowadays you can see many dc power supply modules equipped with an additional remote-controlled shutdown (or on/off) feature. It allows you to control the power supply output with a signal switch or transistor. Some time […]

Self-Dimming LED Lamp

Described here is the do-it-yourself project of a simple self-dimming lamp. The self-dimming lamp is powered by a rechargeable 9V battery and features a push-button switch that triggers one bright LED as the emitter and […]

Automatic Driveway Light Controller

More and more homeowners realize the advantage of having an automatic driveway light. An automatic driveway light is very convenient and an excellent way to save electricity. Now it’s easy to automate an already existing […]