Arduino Projects

Arduino is one of the most exciting embedded development board evolved from the open source community to learn  and build arduino projects for hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts. It is the best resource for making DIY projects and Prototypes.

The Arduino makes use of different Microprocessors and on-chip microcontrollers to design devices that interact with the sensors and actuators.

The most popular variants of Arduino are Arduino UNO, Arduino YUN, Arduino LEONARDO, Arduino NANO, Arduino MEGA.

Arduino comes with prebuilt shields for ease of interfacing various add-on modules like GSM/GPRS shield, Ethernet shield, USB shield, and Wireless shield for IOT projects.

Articles Written 113

Tricolor LED Signal Baton

An LED signal baton (also called marshalling torch) is a proven gadget to head traffic. Primarily it is widely used by traffic police, attendants etc. to channelize traffic but it is a great handy aid […]

Overheat Sensor Arduino Siren

Not long ago, I played around with making an overheat sensor siren on the Arduino Uno, which I later modified a bit and incorporated into another hobby electronics project. Needless to say, it worked fine. […]

Webcam Servo Sweep (v1)

A few weeks ago, while working on another project, someone asked me to build a simple sweeping system for a tiny webcam. I set it aside for the next day and built a webcam servo […]