LED Circuits

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LED Throwies & Build Ideas

Here’s a project for fun – Magnetic LED Throwies! LED Throwies were invented in 2006 by the Grafitti Research Lab in New York City to use as non-destructive graffiti. Build one (or several) yourself right […]

Pool LED Lamps & Idea Sparks

Recently while searching for little floating toys, I came across some inexpensive Chinese LED pool lamps. Most sellers described them as water-activated lotus/lily LED flower lamps. Out of curiosity, I purchased a few of them […]

I2C LED Knight Rider

I have already posted two Knight Rider and Larsen Scanner LED projects online. You can go through these to access them Arduino Knight Rider Arduino Larson Scanner. Or you can buy yourself an inexpensive Knight […]

Arduino LED Signal Wand Light

This is an update to an old project of mine that was printed almost a decade ago! Here is the link to that little nostalgic project https://www.electronicsforu.com/electronics-projects/portable-signal-wand At this point, I’m using a microcontroller as […]

Sound Reactive Pixel LEDs

This little post covers the construction details of sound reactive pixels which is pretty enjoyable to build and watch. You can embed it in a lot of things, for example, think about gluing it in […]