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Arduino Multimode LED Tent Light

Nowadays portable LED tent lights can be purchased cheaply to provide ample lighting while hiking and camping overnight. Then it is only a simple matter of connecting the tent light to a mighty battery pack […]

Arduino Kids Night Light

It’s only been three weeks since I put together an Arduino Night Light for the kids, and it already made my neighbour’s kids curious! Anyway, long story short, once I had finalized my design thought, […]

Self-Dimming LED Lamp

Described here is the do-it-yourself project of a simple self-dimming lamp. The self-dimming lamp is powered by a rechargeable 9V battery and features a push-button switch that triggers one bright LED as the emitter and […]

LED Strobe Primer – Part 2/Final

This is the concluding part of the LED strobe article published last year (https://www.codrey.com/electronic-circuits/led-strobe-primer-part-1/). During this long period (sorry for the inadvertent delay) I have already shared several strobe light ideas. But the sequel to […]

Solar LED Book Light

You never know what kind of funny gizmos you’ll find online, especially when you’ve a bunch of notifications configured to go off when such wonders pop up. I even find myself searching for something despite […]

A Mighty LED Flasher

I still believed electronics hobby can be promoted through the application of nostalgic components and circuits. This is a meek try to inspire someone learning and experimenting with basic electronics circuits, or to wake up […]

Easy LED Origami!

Love the ancient art of paper folding – Origami?. Traditional origami consists of folding a single sheet of origami paper (square paper often with a colored side) into a sculpture without cutting, gluing, taping, or […]