LED Circuits

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Bicycle Headlamp & Taillight

This article comes with the construction points of a do it yourself bicycle headlamp (white) and taillight (red or amber). The bicycle headlamp-tail light set presented here provides brilliant illumination for all bicycles, and can […]

Arduino Moon Lamp DIY

If your family loves stargazing, that’s great because here you can find a quick idea to make your inexpensive own moon lamp for your kid’s bedroom. All you need is a bunch of easily available […]

LED Strobe Primer – Part 1

Certainly, I’m not going to share something about constructing your own strobe for use in discotheques. Let me make little headway against the topic – LED strobes! Strobing? Yes, Strobing! Note that with the help […]

LED Strobe Light DIY

Nothing mattering to see a circuit turning light emitting diodes (LEDs) on and off. If for certain applications, brightness of the LEDs could be adjusted in a continuous manner, with a simple dimmer circuit you […]

Jog LED Marker Light

If you’re looking for the circuit of a running / jogging light up wristband, here’s a tried and tested design without a microcontroller. Even though the design presented here is based on traditional (leaded) components, […]

Rechargeable Power LED Torch

A few readers demanded to see one simple circuit of a rechargeable power white LED torch that can be charged through a regular electrical outlet. Alright, here’s the circuit diagram of a simple yet useful […]