LED Circuits

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Bicycle Tail & Stand light

If you are an active cyclist you must become more aware of safety and in particular your visibility to other riders, especially in winter and monsoon seasons. One drawback of your (pleasantly cheap) dynamo lighting […]

Universal 1W LED Standby Light

Circuit of the Universal 1W standby LED Light introduced here is more self-contained and more flexible than many of the early designs. The circuit consists of a small Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery, simple Li-Ion battery charger, […]

USB LED Flashlight

USB LED Flashlight presented here is a simple do-it-yourself rechargeable flashlight with built in rechargeable cell, cell charger, white light source, and a standard usb interface for overnight charging. Since the design is based on […]

Loafer’s LED Wick

May it be a surprising title – Loafer’s LED Wick! Let it be, the article is nothing but the design idea of a little LED light based on Joule-Thief concept. It’s true that by a […]

Mini Solar Garden/Street Light

Here’s another do it yourself project of an automatic mini solar garden/street light. This design belongs to the ‘renewable energy’ category, and is wired around a handful of inexpensive electronic parts. This nifty light circuit […]

Little Rescue Light

During an unexpected blackout in particular, a simple light source can be a handy aid. With only two transistors, one photo resistor, and a few other components you can build an automatic emergency light. Here’s […]

White LED Bulb AC230V

Presented here is a simple yet useful AC230V White LED light bulb with an isolated digital interface to control its on/off switching actions through a microcontroller or an external electronic circuitry. The design is based […]

Automatic LED Night Light

Inspired by a Chinese design, recently I built a small automatic LED night light with the help of a few generally available inexpensive components. Shown below is the base schematic of that automatic White LED […]