Electronic Circuits

In this section you will learn and build simple electronic circuits projects. You will make interesting analog electronic circuits useful in daily life. Moreover, you will know electronic circuit design using circuit elements.

The circuits include home made electronic circuits, hobbyist circuits and prototypes.

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3-Wire PC Fan Tips & Tricks

A fan failure in today’s advanced electronic projects may result in other delicate and expensive components failing, causing costly repairs and delays. A 3-wire PC fan is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent such […]

Charge-Pump Primer

If you build battery/usb powered electronics projects, often you’ll be in need of a high-voltage power supply. That is a power supply that has an output voltage higher than that catered by the battery. One […]

CMOS Toggle Switch with CD4049

Here’s a simple and clever way to build a toggle switch with a quite popular, highly available, and cheap CMOS logic chip CD4049UB. Since the little electronic toggle switch presented here is an easy to […]

Micro Cooling Fan Governor

The Digispark Attiny85 development board is not only for novices – it’s also a tiny but great microcontroller development board for matured electronicists. Sure, the Digispark board offers almost everything you need i.e. digital I/Os […]