Electronic Circuits

In this section you will learn and build simple electronic circuits projects. You will make interesting analog electronic circuits useful in daily life. Moreover, you will know electronic circuit design using circuit elements.

The circuits include home made electronic circuits, hobbyist circuits and prototypes.

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Lifting Electromagnet – DIY

The quick way to build an electromagnet based project is to buy one lifting electromagnet with enough lifting and holding power to fulfill the design requirements. Such compact and powerful lifting electromagnets in various shapes […]

MORNSUN® B0505S-1W Review

Recently when I was developing a digital light controller project, I wanted to have the interface isolated from the common ground to avoid spurious noise and other issues. Since I didn’t have a quick solution […]

Ultra-Sensitive Knock Sensor

Here’s the simple circuit of an ultra-sensitive knock sensor for microcontroller-based electronics projects. It’s in fact a piezo knock sensor monitor based on a single transistor, and designed carefully to work with 5V (or 3.3V) […]

Morse Code Practice Oscillator

I have received numerous requests for a simple, cheap and entry-level ham radio world project and the result is this do-it-yourself Morse Code Practice Oscillator usually called simply as Code Practice Oscillator (CPO). This project […]

Simple Crystal Tester

A budding electronics hobbyist often needs to pick crystals of right frequency for homebrew projects. To make that task a little more cheerful, I’m introducing this simple crystal tester circuit. It’s basically just a very […]

Electric Aroma Burner/Diffuser

Aroma burners/diffusers let the air around you deliver revitalizing and refreshing fragrance to your home/office interiors. This article guides you through the simple process of making your own electric aroma burner/diffuser. Gathering requisite components First […]