Electronic Circuits

In this section you will learn and build simple electronic circuits projects. You will make interesting analog electronic circuits useful in daily life. Moreover, you will know electronic circuit design using circuit elements.

The circuits include home made electronic circuits, hobbyist circuits and prototypes.

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Little Audio Amplifier LM386

Here’s a little audio amplifier project you can build from inexpensive and easily available parts. You can use this monaural audio amplifier even in any robotic project where you need to amplify audio signals. The […]

Solar/USB Li-ion Battery Charger

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery have cemented its position as the primary power source for portable electronics. One of the key benefits of a lithium-ion battery is that it have high energy density without being too bulky. […]

Universal 1W LED Standby Light

Circuit of the Universal 1W standby LED Light introduced here is more self-contained and more flexible than many of the early designs. The circuit consists of a small Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery, simple Li-Ion battery charger, […]

Pauper’s Rotary Encoder

Quadrature Encoder is a familiar everyday sensor in robotics world. A quadrature encoder is a handy rotary encoder that let you know the speed and direction of a rotating shaft or linear motion. Let’s start […]

Laptop Security Alarm

Want to keep your laptop/notebook securely? Introduced here is the idea of a simple yet effective laptop/notebook antitheft alarm device with a security cable that fits in the USB port of the laptop/notebook. The security […]