Electronic Circuits

In this section you will learn and build simple electronic circuits projects. You will make interesting analog electronic circuits useful in daily life. Moreover, you will know electronic circuit design using circuit elements.

The circuits include home made electronic circuits, hobbyist circuits and prototypes.

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Nifty NiMH Battery Charger

And now another interesting little project. After seeing numerous online projects I decided to build my own simple NiMH battery charger circuit using NiMH batteries because a bunch of GP2100 series NiMH cells are lying on […]

Simple Selfie Light

Let me introduce another minimalistic circuit of a simple Selfie light based on generally available low-cost components. The idea presented here is a compact USB chargeable design with inbuilt rechargeable battery and dedicated battery charger […]

Hack Your 16×2 LCD

Nowadays most popular microcontrollers are working on 3.3V but many liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for them are usually on 5V, because they are centered on Hitachi’s de facto standard LCD controller – the HD44780 chip. […]

Mini Solar Garden/Street Light

Here’s another do it yourself project of an automatic mini solar garden/street light. This design belongs to the ‘renewable energy’ category, and is wired around a handful of inexpensive electronic parts. This nifty light circuit […]

Active Heat sink Fan Controller

Active heat sink fan controller presented here is a very simple yet highly useful circuit for automatic control of cooling fans in active heat sink units. The circuit is realized using easy-to-use inexpensive parts and […]

TL431 & Li-Ion Battery

TL431 is a cheap ‘n’ cheerful yet reliable programmable precision shunt regulator chip available in 3-pin TO-92 package. This monolithic IC voltage reference operates as a low temperature coefficient zener which is programmable from Vref […]

USB OTG Power Guard

As you may well know, you can borrow USB standard 5 volt dc supply from any smartphone equipped with USB on-the-go (USB OTG) port. USB OTG is a hardware (and software) standard that allows you […]

Universal 2S Li-Ion/LiPo Charger Module

This is a simple and 100% safe universal linear charger module for 2S Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) and Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) batteries with the recommended constant-current/constant-voltage (CC/CV) charging algorithm. Initially charging takes place in the current mode and […]