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A Makeshift Silicon Diode Temperature Sensor

We all know that a reverse biased silicon diode can be used as a make-do temperature sensor (https://www.codrey.com/learn/bjt-diode-temperature-sensors-a-quick-walk/). But let me remind you again, a silicon diode, when reverse biased, will introduce a certain leakage […]

Emitter Follower – A Quick Look

So, I am revisiting emitter follower this moment and sharing my dusted thoughts on it. I hope this post helps someone one way or another! This article mainly looks at an emitter-follower (also known as […]

The LED Photodiode Trick

As I mentioned and proved in an earlier write up, a regular light emitting diode can also be used as a light sensor (https://www.electroschematics.com/led-2/). So, this is a post that goes into a bit more […]

Switch Debouncer – Hardware Guide

While testing some cheapo crash sensor modules recently, I was quite disappointed with the noisy and dirty output signals they provided. So, I got into the thoughts of restyling hardware debounce circuits suitable for contacts, […]

Poor man’s Luxury Car Dome Light

If you often drive early in the morning or at night, you spend most of your time in a dark vehicle, and at that time a small interior/dome/cabin light becomes an indispensable widget if you […]