Tutorials on electronics for beginners, hobbyist, and experienced geeks. Electronics is a vast area that covers analog and digital systems. Codrey explains how to build your own analog circuits and transforming them into digital blocks.

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Automotive SSR Module v1

After getting a few vintage automotive solid state relays (SSRs) from a flea market thru a friend abroad, I decided to make a low-cost automotive solid state relay myself. So, this post covers the design […]

Handy Test Light (v1)

Get ready to make a high-resistance continuity tester pen that runs on a pair of common 1.5V AA batteries. This design is based on an idea from a Chinese website but with a few modifications. […]

CD4541 Programmable Timer IC Cheat Sheet

Today we are going to inspect the CD4541B CMOS programmable timer IC. The CD4541B programmable timer chip has a 16-stage binary counter, an integrated oscillator for use with an external capacitor and two resistors, output […]

4V SLA Battery Charger

Pretty little 4V Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) or Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries are widely used in portable electronic gadgets such as mosquito bats, kitchen scales, healthcare instruments, etc. The most common 4V SLA rechargeable […]

Window Comparator Revisited

Circuit configuration of a Window Comparator usually consists of a pair of inverting and non-inverting voltage comparators in which the output indicates whether an input signal is within a voltage range defined by two different […]