Tutorials on electronics for beginners, hobbyist, and experienced geeks. Electronics is a vast area that covers analog and digital systems. Codrey explains how to build your own analog circuits and transforming them into digital blocks.

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Decade Resistance Box & A Cheap Substitute

The decade resistance box is an indispensable test gear for any electronics lab as it can be used to substitute different values of resistors during prototyping and/or experimenting with electronic circuits. Using it is easy […]

BEMF and DC Motor Speed Governors

Do you know? You can govern the speed of brushed DC motors without any additional sensors, but using a basic characteristic – the speed-dependent back EMF (BEMF) voltage! The BEMF motion control technique has been […]

Safe Car Power Socket v1

Now get ready to make your own safe car power socket using inexpensive components that are generally available. The simple device can then be used as a safe accessory power outlet to extend the 12VDC […]