Tutorials on electronics for beginners, hobbyist, and experienced geeks. Electronics is a vast area that covers analog and digital systems. Codrey explains how to build your own analog circuits and transforming them into digital blocks.

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Switch Debouncer – Hardware Guide

While testing some cheapo crash sensor modules recently, I was quite disappointed with the noisy and dirty output signals they provided. So, I got into the thoughts of restyling hardware debounce circuits suitable for contacts, […]

Poor man’s Luxury Car Dome Light

If you often drive early in the morning or at night, you spend most of your time in a dark vehicle, and at that time a small interior/dome/cabin light becomes an indispensable widget if you […]

Learn To Play with Ceramic Resonators

As Wikipedia says, a ceramic resonator is an electronic component consisting of a piece of a piezoelectric ceramic material with two or three metal electrodes attached. Like the similar quartz crystal, when connected in an […]

Universal RADAR Motion Detector

There are a lot of different parts in the electronics world, and often parts with the same functionality come indifferent forms and sizes. Now it is the time to pick another cheapo microwave motion sensor […]