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The LED Photodiode Trick

As I mentioned and proved in an earlier write up, a regular light emitting diode can also be used as a light sensor (https://www.electroschematics.com/led-2/). So, this is a post that goes into a bit more […]

Poor man’s Over-Current Detector

Presented here is the basic circuit of an over-current detector built around a handful of easily available and inexpensive electronics components. This simple circuit for DC devices wakes up when the connected output load draws […]

Simple Flame Supervisor

Simple flame supervisor is nothing but a little flame status monitor. The theme of this play is to build a cheap device to provide an alert when the flame under supervision runs out unexpectedly. Admittedly […]

Data Slicer Primer

Any electronics experimenter can connect an analog sensor to a microcontroller and run it with the help of a piece of code. Sometimes there’s a reason to provide a clean digital signal input to the […]