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Webcam Servo Sweep (v1)

A few weeks ago, while working on another project, someone asked me to build a simple sweeping system for a tiny webcam. I set it aside for the next day and built a webcam servo […]

Crazy Bomb Timer

In this post, you will find the construction details of a crazy bomb timer that can be built with the help of a handful of common electronics components available everywhere. Well, get ready to entertain […]

Pro Mini Beacon Light

This is an updated version of an old project that was published in EFY Magazine (print) 21 years ago! Now you can see that article here This time I’m using a minuscule microcontroller to […]

Arduino & Square Wave Thoughts

The theory behind generating square wave is almost a trivial thing! A square wave is a signal that changes between high and low state where the primary requirement is that the on-time (high state) and […]