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Tiny USB Windows® Key

In this post, you can see a tiny, yet quite useful, microcontroller-based USB key/Foot Pedal for Windows™ computers as a little do-it-yourself project. It is particularly geared as single function key, but other usages are […]

A Funny Digital Toggle Switch

This time I’d like to share my funny thoughts on the build of a very ‘hobbyist’ digital toggle switch device. The project idea keeps things as simple as they can be. You have a sensor […]

Reflect-A-Bird™ & An Elaboration

Recently I got nothing but an inspiration from a pretty nice commercial product “Reflect-a-Bird™ Bird Deterrent” (https://www.absolutebirdcontrol.com/reflect-a-bird-detrerrent). The device from Absolute Bird Control, Inc. is a silent wind-powered spinning visual bird deterrent that effectively scares […]