Arduino Nano

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Tricolor LED Signal Baton

An LED signal baton (also called marshalling torch) is a proven gadget to head traffic. Primarily it is widely used by traffic police, attendants etc. to channelize traffic but it is a great handy aid […]

Arduino LED Signal Wand Light

This is an update to an old project of mine that was printed almost a decade ago! Here is the link to that little nostalgic project At this point, I’m using a microcontroller as […]

Sound Reactive Pixel LEDs

This little post covers the construction details of sound reactive pixels which is pretty enjoyable to build and watch. You can embed it in a lot of things, for example, think about gluing it in […]

Arduino Moon Lamp DIY

If your family loves stargazing, that’s great because here you can find a quick idea to make your inexpensive own moon lamp for your kid’s bedroom. All you need is a bunch of easily available […]

Nano Digital Volt Meter

Nano Digital Volt Meter is a microcontroller based simple DIY project for electronics hobbyists and makers. It is a compact digital voltmeter which can incisively measure input dc voltages in 0 to 55V range. The […]