Arduino Nano

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Electronic Chirping Cricket – STEM DIY

The Chirping Cricket presented here creates electronic cricket chirping sounds that can be used for recreational purposes or to simulate warm summer nights. It is actually a continuation of a previously published similar do-it-yourself fun […]

Another Fun Kids Noise Bomb

Fear not, the cool noise bomb featured here cannot be used to send someone into the air. But if you just want to scare your friends (or someone at a friendly gathering), this little toy […]

Simple Arduino Psychedelic Lamp

The biggest attraction in most discotheques is the colourful strobe lights which are often synchronised to the rocking music. Another interesting gimmick is the psychedelic light system which enlivens things up a bit by flashing […]

Tricolor LED Signal Baton

An LED signal baton (also called marshalling torch) is a proven gadget to head traffic. Primarily it is widely used by traffic police, attendants etc. to channelize traffic but it is a great handy aid […]

Arduino LED Signal Wand Light

This is an update to an old project of mine that was printed almost a decade ago! Here is the link to that little nostalgic project At this point, I’m using a microcontroller as […]

Sound Reactive Pixel LEDs

This little post covers the construction details of sound reactive pixels which is pretty enjoyable to build and watch. You can embed it in a lot of things, for example, think about gluing it in […]

Arduino Moon Lamp DIY

If your family loves stargazing, that’s great because here you can find a quick idea to make your inexpensive own moon lamp for your kid’s bedroom. All you need is a bunch of easily available […]