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Wet Floor Warning LED Sign

It’s human nature to let our guard down temporarily and be distracted by random thoughts or doing multiple activities. A momentary lapse of attention that ends in a slip can led to a variety of […]

Self-Dimming LED Lamp

Described here is the do-it-yourself project of a simple self-dimming lamp. The self-dimming lamp is powered by a rechargeable 9V battery and features a push-button switch that triggers one bright LED as the emitter and […]

Automatic Driveway Light Controller

More and more homeowners realize the advantage of having an automatic driveway light. An automatic driveway light is very convenient and an excellent way to save electricity. Now it’s easy to automate an already existing […]

Tiny USB Windows® Key

In this post, you can see a tiny, yet quite useful, microcontroller-based USB key/Foot Pedal for Windows™ computers as a little do-it-yourself project. It is particularly geared as single function key, but other usages are […]

A Funny Digital Toggle Switch

This time I’d like to share my funny thoughts on the build of a very ‘hobbyist’ digital toggle switch device. The project idea keeps things as simple as they can be. You have a sensor […]

USBtinyISP Primer

While Googling for nothing, I noticed a little device “USBtinyISP” helpful for programming Attiny85 microcontrollers using the same setup method as for handling Arduino sketches. There’s also no difference in the development environment as we […]