Electronic Circuits

In this section you will learn and build simple electronic circuits projects. You will make interesting analog electronic circuits useful in daily life. Moreover, you will know electronic circuit design using circuit elements.

The circuits include home made electronic circuits, hobbyist circuits and prototypes.

Articles Written 248

A Hyper LED Switch

This post explains how to build a Hyper LED Switch using a set of simple and inexpensive electronics components that are available everywhere, you can even find them in your junk box. So, what is […]

Water Activated LED Marker

The water activated LED marker is a great scuba diving or night diving accessory. Its bright marker light turns on when its sensor probes come into contact with water and turns off when the probes […]

An Eternal LED Scarecrow

Recently, I wanted to try an electronic scarecrow in my lab window to scare off some birds (often nocturnal) that make a lot of noise and dirt. Although there are many options for building one, […]