Arduino Projects

Arduino is one of the most exciting embedded development board evolved from the open source community to learn  and build arduino projects for hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts. It is the best resource for making DIY projects and Prototypes.

The Arduino makes use of different Microprocessors and on-chip microcontrollers to design devices that interact with the sensors and actuators.

The most popular variants of Arduino are Arduino UNO, Arduino YUN, Arduino LEONARDO, Arduino NANO, Arduino MEGA.

Arduino comes with prebuilt shields for ease of interfacing various add-on modules like GSM/GPRS shield, Ethernet shield, USB shield, and Wireless shield for IOT projects.

Articles Written 106

How to Play with RTC Modules

The following article is a simple guide lets you get time and calendar functions with a real time clock chip and microcontroller. Hopefully this entryway can help you to walk through your own project ideas […]

Quick Servo Tester Nano(v3)

Here’s a nice little project of a quick servo tester with Arduino Nano (v3) microcontroller board. Another key part in this basic project is a cheap Arduino Nano(v3) expansion shield. The hardware setup is extremely […]

Arduino Tachometer

Here’s a simple Arduino Tachometer project for measuring and displaying speed of rotation. You can find similar projects everywhere on the web but this one has some unique features. First off, the idea is based […]

Grey Tracker (v1)

Grey is the neutral achromatic color midway between white and black – Am I right? If you want to make something of yourself to detect the grey, let me give you a cheap and cheerful idea. […]

USBtinyISP Primer

While Googling for nothing, I noticed a little device “USBtinyISP” helpful for programming Attiny85 microcontrollers using the same setup method as for handling Arduino sketches. There’s also no difference in the development environment as we […]

Simple Thermostat for Electric Geyser

Here is a simple yet highly reliable thermal control circuit which can be used with almost all electric geysers. The Arduino microcontroller based circuit switches an electromagnetic relay on or off according to the temperature […]

Digital Pulse Counter

Recently I came to understand the true demand for a multi-purpose digital pulse counter. So I designed an east-to-build digital pulse counter circuit based on some generally available cheap electronic components. The quick microcontroller based […]

DHT11 Sensor Primer

In this guide we will learn how to play with a cheap ‘n’ cheerful temperature and humidity sensor DHT11 – the minuscule 4-pin sensor accurate enough for most do it yourself projects need to read […]