Arduino UNO

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Webcam Servo Sweep (v1)

A few weeks ago, while working on another project, someone asked me to build a simple sweeping system for a tiny webcam. I set it aside for the next day and built a webcam servo […]

Crazy Bomb Timer

In this post, you will find the construction details of a crazy bomb timer that can be built with the help of a handful of common electronics components available everywhere. Well, get ready to entertain […]

Laser Monkey Scarer v1

There has been a drastic and steep increase in the number of monkeys coming into my backyard over the last few months. Below you can see a shot taken by my surveillance camera. So, naturally […]

Quick OLED Thermometer v1

After getting my new soldering iron tip thermometer, I got inspired by that idea and decided to design a quick digital thermometer for general use. By the way, the soldering iron tip thermometer is an […]