15 Consumer Electronics Applications – You Need to Use

Electronics is growing every day and recent trends in embedded systems are also happening with the Internet of things. Home appliances are talking to each other without human intervention. Robots are making home jobs and thus reducing the human effort. Consumer appliances are making life simpler with cutting-edge technologies implemented by top electronic companies like Samsung, Google, LG, Sony, and Philips etc.

Every technology tinkerer wants to know and use the latest technology gadgets. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

By definition, Consumer electronics (Home Electronics) are the devices used in homes. Here is the list of consumer products and their applications.

1. Smart Phone

Consumer Electronics - Smart Phone

Conventional telephones are only feasible to make audio calls in the past days. But now, with the increasing boom in the semiconductor industry and highly efficient processors, it has been possible to enjoy the wonderful features of smart mobile phones.

Applications of Smart mobiles

  • Endless features empowered with built-in sensors like Accelerometer, GPS, Magnetometer, Gyroscope etc.
  • Best front-end user experience with superior quality cameras.
  • Ambient Light sensor for Auto Brightness adjustment in dark rooms.
  • Proximity sensors are incorporated for improved battery life. By sensing the ear and cheeks the smart device goes into sleep mode by terminating all other activities.
  • Finger Print sensor for Security locking and opening.
  • Face detection mechanism for easy access and recognition.
  • Integrated Applications (apps) that makes comfortable web experience
  • Voice calls and Video call chatting
  • Wireless communication technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

2. Smart TV

Consumer Electronics Applications-Smart TV

 Television has become a family companion for everyone these days. Most of the people spend in front of smart TVs that can be connected to mobiles for streaming the videos and share favorite pictures.


  • Offers streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc.
  • Smart TVs come with different technologies (OLED, QLED, UHD) putting up high-resolution displays.

3. Audio Systems for Home Entertainment

Consumer Electronics Applications-Audio System

There are a wide variety of audio subsystems like Home Entertainment Systems, Multimedia speaker, DVD Player, Blu-ray Player etc.

Home Entertainment

Home entertainment is possible with impressive sound and streaming experience. Blu-ray offers high density storage with full high definition audio.

Audio systems include Headphones, MP3 Players, Wireless Speakers, Digital Voice recorders, Soundbars.

4. Refrigerators

Consumer Electronics Applications-Refrigerator

Home refrigerators are being used to preserve food and safeguard our health. Fridge (Refrigerator) cools the temperature inside it by sending the internal heat to the outside ambient environment. The major reason for maintaining the lower temperature is to reduce the multiplying rate of bacteria.

Domestic refrigerators come in different types such as solar refrigerator, Compressor refrigerator, Peltier refrigerators etc.

Among these solar is best suited for low electrical power consumption. To improve the energy efficiency magnetic refrigerators are coming out in the coming days.


  • Food processing and preservation of Fruits and vegetables
  • Other things like Meat, Fish, and Poultry.
  • Diary Items (Milk, Ice Cream, Butter Milk, Cheese).
  • Beverages (Beer, Alcohol, and Wine)

5. Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning is a tiresome job for everyone who is having a big house. To reduce the human effort handheld vacuum cleaners are evolving.

Consumer Electronics Applications-Vaccum Cleaner


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Faster cleaning
  • Easy maintenance

Hand based vacuum cleaners don’t cover the entire area of your home where dust hides.

Consumer Electronics Applications-Robot Vaccum Cleaner

The Robot Vacuum cleaner is the alternative for the manual vacuum cleaners which increase efficiency and power of cleaning.

6. Calculators

The Calculation is important for carrying out accounting, banking and finance tasks. Calculators are also used in various applications.

Problem solving of general math, Trigonometry and algebra can be easily accomplished.


  • Engineering and Surveying
  • Real estate (Finance and Banking sectors)
  • Computer science and Medicine

7. Cameras

Consumer Electronics Applications-Camera

Capturing life moments with a camera is a skill for heart full memories of everyone’s life. Powerful cameras are developed for seamless imaging and photography.


  • Professional camcorder for cinematography
  • Media
  • Live and Studio Production
  • News Production
  • Content Management and Outside Production

8. Fit Bit Exercise Watches

Consumer Electronics Applications-Fit bit exercise watch

Physical fitness is becoming an important aspect of a healthy life. We need to keep track of our health parameter regularly to improve lifespan.

By using fit bit smartwatches you can monitor your heartbeat rate, Weight of a person, Calories exhausted, Sports tracking, Strength building, Swimming, Sleep tracking, Breathing etc.

9. Video Game Consoles

Xbox gaming consoleEntertainment is essential for children to enrich the growth of mind and peace. Many generations have been evolved and latest development in 3D technology enables users to play smoothly in real time.

Analogue controllers have been used in 3D play stations. Multiplayer PlayStation with internet capability has been developed by gaming engineers.

10. Laptops and PCs

consumer electronics applications-laptopA laptop is a friend today for most of the people due to its immense features and applications. It is useful for student graduates, Business officials, Stock analysts, Software engineers, and technology enthusiasts.


  • Powerful 32 bit and 64-bit processors with long-time battery backup for long run usage.
  • Graphics Card for running 3D applications and games.
  • High-speed Ethernet port for Internet access.
  • Wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for mobile connectivity and sharing.

11. Security Camera

Protection and privacy have become an important concern for most of the people. Security camera monitors the unsolicited activities happening around your home and keeps away from the robbers.


  • Home security
  • Store security
  • Thermal applications
  • Monitoring Elders
  • Monitoring Babies
  • Security needs
  • Monitoring pets
  • Business needs

 12. Solar Water heater

Consumer electronics applications-Solar Water HeaterSolar water heaters are best suited for winter vacation. Today, many of the water heaters are equipped with intelligent scheduling capabilities to turn on or turn off the heater from anywhere from the remote location.

The major benefit is the low power consumption that satisfies home needs.

13. Water Purifier

Drinking water contains impurities like heavy metals (lead, mercury), Pesticide, toxic drugs, and chlorine impurities.

To reduce the toxic effluents and improve the health water purifiers are required.

Most of the water purifiers use UV rays or Reverse Osmosis technology to purge the water.

14. Air Purifier

Indoor pollution much more effective than outside pollution because of home pets, cleaning accessories, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide emitted by a kitchen stove, etc. To eliminate these hazardous things that cause allergy and respiratory problem air purifier is indispensable.

15. Washing Machine

To reduce time, and cost to wash the clothes automatic washing machine is the best pick.

Automatic washing machines come with smart inverter technology. There are different types of washing machines such as front loaders, Washing Dryers, Semi-Auto, and Top loading. The invention of the washing machine made the life of women’s easy.


Consumer appliances are becoming more trendy and useful for human life in terms of reducing effort and enjoying the luxury. I hope latest advancement in consumer technology will produce seamless products for the better future.

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