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Microcontroller Basics

Wearables and dozens of real time applications use a microcontroller other than a microprocessor for their core design of the entire product. And, these days almost every electronic device comes with a microcontroller. Most of […]

Interfacing HYT 271 Humidity Sensor with 8051 using I2C

Measurement of external parameters like humidity and temperature is critical for meteorological applications, medical devices, agriculture and industrial drying systems. Presented here is a Humidity module HYT271 that provides low drift and good stability at […]

What is GPS and How does it work?

Introduction Have you ever thought of locating yourself on the blue planet (Earth)? This might be a tough question if you are residing in a new place. But don’t worry, the answer is simple, the […]

Conductor and Insulator

Electricity travels through different materials like copper. But have you ever thought how metals conduct electricity? Do all metals conduct electricity and why? In this tutorial, you will know the different types of conductor and […]