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Capacitor Guide – Summary

Capacitor is an electronic component that stores and controls electrical energy and is an essential element used in printed circuit boards (PCB’s). Choosing a capacitor depends on the circuit and applications. There are some parameters […]

Capacitor Colour Code Values with Examples

To use a capacitor in your electronic projects, understanding capacitor colour code is required. For identifying the capacitor values and tolerances international colour coding scheme (electronic colour coding) was introduced. Every capacitor has colors or […]

Resistors in Series Connection

When a number of resistors are connected in such a way that the end of first resistor is connected to beginning of second resistor and the end of second one to third resistor and so […]

Introduction to Capacitor

The capacitor is the basic electronic component that is used for storing, surge suppression and filtering. It is a widely used and important component in the family of electronics. Like resistor, capacitors are passive components […]

What is GPS and How does it work?

Introduction Have you ever thought of locating yourself on the blue planet (Earth)? This might be a tough question if you are residing in a new place. But don’t worry, the answer is simple, the […]