Resistor is the basic passive component used in electronics. We cannot imagine an electronic circuit without a resistor. Codrey Electronics explains the resistor basics, types of resistor  and applications of resistor in electronics.

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Potentiometer: How it Works?

What is Potentiometer? Potentiometer or Rheostat is one type of passive variable resistor (variable potentiometer) either carbon or wire wound, with three terminals used to get the desired voltage division. Hence, the name variable voltage […]

Power rating of Resistors and Wattage

The Power rating of a resistor can be said as the maximum amount of power that the resistor can withstand. The resistor power rating is the specification given to a resistor other than the ohms […]

Resistors in Series Connection

When a number of resistors are connected in such a way that the end of first resistor is connected to beginning of second resistor and the end of second one to third resistor and so […]

Resistor Color Code

Resistor color code indicates that a series of colored bands are painted on the resistor and most of the manufacturers identify their resistance value by means of a color code. There are various values of […]

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

Temperature coefficient of resistance, this is the factor that temperature does affect the value of resistance in a resistor or a conducting wire. All the resistors value of resistance is specified at specific temperature and […]

Types of Resistors

Resistors can be seen in almost all electronic circuits. There are many types of resistors and they can be divided into two groups namely fixed resistor and adjustable resistor (variable resistor). The main function of […]

Resistor Basics

Resistor, this is a common electronic component seen in electronic circuits. This is one of the basic components used in Emergency lighting, Medical Devices, Battery operated equipment, and many more applications. The word Resistor came […]