Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

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RC Hobby Servo PWM vs PPM

This quick intro post tells you something about converting radio-control (RC) hobby servo pulse width modulation (PWM) signals to pulse position modulation (PPM) signals using commonly available systems and components. At this time, you can […]

Raspberry Pi Pico – PWM Primer

Sometimes ago I wrote an introduction to Raspberry Pi Pico. Today I will show how to exploit its pulse width modulation features. However, if you want to do some serious projects starting from this blog […]

Arduino & Advanced 16-bit PWM

Hi there! Last week I finally managed to get an Arduino delivering a 16-bit PWM (pulse width modulation) output from a nifty piece of code. Is the experiment finished? Of course not. Anyway, in this […]

PWM Heatsink/Chip Cooling Fan

Interest has been growing in design ideas for controlling the speed of heatsink cooling fans in electronic equipments. This article will describe how to simply design and build a governable heatsink/chip cooling fan for your […]

PWM to Voltage Module (v1)

Late month I’d got an order from my neighboring client to build a pulse width modulation to dc voltage converter module that’s compatible with common microcontrollers and PLCs. Since it’s a fussy time for me […]