Tiny Tone Decoder Module

I’d made a number of tone decoder projects with the unique NE567 PLL tone decoder chip in 1990s, and most were published in Elektor Electronics (UK), Silicon Chip (AU) and Electronics For You (IN) magazines. […]

Portable Snake Repeller

Afraid of snakes? Don’t worry, here is a portable electronic snake repeller solution to keep all poisonous snakes out of your surroundings. All you need is to simply put the device on the bare floor/soil […]

Poor man’s USB Rubber Ducky

I believe most readers are familiar with Hak5’s USB Rubbery Ducky. Well, simply it is a $45 key stroke injection tool, masked as a generic usb flash drive, widely used to hack unlocked computers. Computers […]

USB Power Bank Adapter

USB Power Bank – popularly known as mobile phone emergency charger – is an ideal solution for powering small microcontroller based hobby projects. Even the cheapest power bank in the market has so many useful […]

Poor man’s 433MHz RF Sniffer

Nowadays minuscule 433MHz RF modules are used in a wide variety of applications that require wireless control, and are very popular among the tinkerers because these modules are very cheap and can be interfaced easily […]

What is GPS and How does it work?

Introduction Have you ever thought of locating yourself on the blue planet (Earth)? This might be a tough question if you are residing in a new place. But don’t worry, the answer is simple, the […]