Unique Electric Heater Controller

Circuit of a little solid-state heater controller is described here. This circuit can be used to regulate standard resistive heating coils widely used in AC230V grid supply powered heating gadgets like Air Heaters, Hot Air […]

White LED Bulb AC230V

Presented here is a simple yet useful AC230V White LED light bulb with an isolated digital interface to control its on/off switching actions through a microcontroller or an external electronic circuitry. The design is based […]

Automatic LED Night Light

Inspired by a Chinese design, recently I built a small automatic LED night light with the help of a few generally available inexpensive components. Shown below is the base schematic of that automatic White LED […]

Medical Electronics and Health Care Applications

To enhance the lives of humans medical devices are critical for making invasive surgeries. Today, every medical equipment uses at least one sensor for healthcare monitoring. To meet the strict demands of medical electronics, various […]

Microwave Radar Motion Sensor Switch

Presented here is an automatic motion sensor switch built around a cheap ‘Doppler Microwave Radar Sensor’ that can be easily used as standalone detection sensor. The circuit, designed as an alternative to the common PIR […]

3V3 uC Power Supply

Nowadays most electronics hobbyists require a precision 3.3V power supply module for their microcontroller (uC) and/or internet of things (IoT) projects. The traditional linear power supply is not a good choice in many situations because […]