Safe Bathroom Lamp Controller

As you may know, bathroom is possibly the most dangerous area in your house when it comes to electrical safety because water is a sound electrical conductor. The consequence of an electric shock is far […]

Electronic Magnet Evaluator

Electronic Magnet Evaluator is a simple device incredibly useful for experimenters and students. With this little gadget one can not only detect the presence of a permanent magnet but also find out its south (S) […]

Security System with Voice Playback

This circuit is designed in response to a request made by my beautiful neighbor. What she desired was an inexpensive device to record and replay customized voice messages. Now it’s the frontend of her simple […]

Simple Flood Alarm

The electronic flood alarm circuit presented here is wired around an LMC555N (IC1) – CMOS version of the bipolar 555 timer chip. IC1 is followed by a complimentary pair of emitter followers (T1 and T2) […]