Poorman’s Laser Diode Driver

Recently I got a couple of powerful laser diodes from a friend abroad. The ‘invisible’ (infrared) laser diodes with 1000mW and 2000mW power (808nm wavelength) are good for numerous applications like solid-state laser excitation, infrared […]

Universal Relay Module

Here is the circuit of a do it yourself universal relay module for microcontroller projects. One advantage of this design is that it can work with both active-high and active-low TTL signals from the I/O […]

Resistor Basics

Resistor, this is a common electronic component seen in electronic circuits. This is one of the basic components used in Emergency lighting, Medical Devices, Battery operated equipment, and many more applications. The word Resistor came […]

WiFi Relay Module Primer – Part 1

Most modern wireless experimenter kits comes as modules that just plug together rather than individual components. Electronic newbies, practicing engineers, and experienced hands alike are sure to find that these inexpensive modules interesting. Recently I […]

Portable LED Tester

The circuit below shows a simple light emitting diode tester, powered from a 9V compact battery,which can be used to test almost all common light emitting diodes (LEDs). Common LEDs require a dc forward bias […]