DC Circuits

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Little Rescue Light

During an unexpected blackout in particular, a simple light source can be a handy aid. With only two transistors, one photo resistor, and a few other components you can build an automatic emergency light. Here’s […]

Electronic Magnet Evaluator

Electronic Magnet Evaluator is a simple device incredibly useful for experimenters and students. With this little gadget one can not only detect the presence of a permanent magnet but also find out its south (S) […]

Simple Flood Alarm

The electronic flood alarm circuit presented here is wired around an LMC555N (IC1) – CMOS version of the bipolar 555 timer chip. IC1 is followed by a complimentary pair of emitter followers (T1 and T2) […]

3V3 uC Power Supply

Nowadays most electronics hobbyists require a precision 3.3V power supply module for their microcontroller (uC) and/or internet of things (IoT) projects. The traditional linear power supply is not a good choice in many situations because […]

Portable LED Tester

The circuit below shows a simple light emitting diode tester, powered from a 9V compact battery,which can be used to test almost all common light emitting diodes (LEDs). Common LEDs require a dc forward bias […]

Efficient Snake Repeller

Solar electronic snake repellent presented here is a proven solution to keep all poisonous snakes out of dog kennels, stables, etc. All you need is to simply place the device on the ground to remove […]

Haptic Feedback Module – DIY

Wearables and dozens of other consumer electronic devices make use of vibro-tactile feedback to enhance the level of user interaction. The most popular hardware frequently used to provide haptic feedback is the ‘Pancake Motor’. Pancake […]