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What is RS232 Protocol and How it Works?

Historically, RS232 Communication protocol is an old serial communication protocol developed by EIA (Electronics Industry Alliance)/TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association)-232 in the year 1962. Modern hardware designs use innovative serial communication protocols like USB, Ethernet, and […]

What is Serial Communication and How it works?

Introduction Serial communication is the most widely used approach to transfer information between data processing equipment and peripherals. In general, communication means interchange of information between individuals through written documents, verbal words, audio and video […]

Career in Embedded Systems: Worldwide Opportunities

Why choose a career in Embedded Systems? Many of the intelligent devices are surrounding us and are increasing rapidly. Can you imagine a single person without a smartphone and a computing device without a processor/controller? […]

What is Embedded System and How it Works?

Introduction Embedded System by definition, is also known as an integrated system due to its combination of hardware and software (also known as Firmware). It comprises of intelligent computing devices that are surrounding us. The […]