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NCV Tester Secrets

A non-contact voltage tester (NCV Tester) makes electrical work easier and safer – and for a few bucks you can own it from your nearest home improvement center. The NCV tester is a simplest and […]

mmWave RADAR Sensor Primer

I have been using several microwave motion sensor doppler radar modules for years, but in cases where an ultrafine movement detection is demanded, those cheapo modules did not perform well. So I decided to have […]

Tiny Bicolor LED Fader

Not all Arduino projects demand all GPIOs. ATtiny85 microcontroller certainly helps in miniaturizing such projects as required. So, for simple projects, the ATtiny85 can be a great choice. Recall that the ATtiny85 microcontroller chip is […]

Water Outflow Alarm v1

Water outflow alarms (flood sensor alarms) are arguably the most widely used commercial water leak detectors since they are cheap and easy to install. A water outflow alarm helps protect your home and belongings from […]

Raspberry Pi Pico Breathing LED Xmas Star

Xmas star is more than just a lovely ornament. The Xmas star is also known as the star of Bethlehem and is a major seasonal symbol throughout the globe. Well, Christmas is just around the […]

Smart Badge for Smart Kids – micro:bit fun!

Get ready to make a smart badge or a simple wearable device such as a wristband, lanyard or watch-style device for your smart kids. And, introduce your kids to electronics and microcontrollers without them even […]